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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hell in a Pinterest Inspired Hand Basket

So here we are on Wednesday.  My kids are in Vermont, my husband is at work and I have the whole day off.  I have big plans for today.  They involve closing my curtains, popping in a movie and not doing a damn thing all day.  I NEVER get days like this and I plan to take full advantage of doing nothing.  I need to relax and refresh before Patriots Training Camp starts tomorrow and it is all out kiddies at the restaurant and double shifts for me.

Of course before I do nothing I had to check Pinterest.  I can't get my day started without it, it is a bit obsessive.  I saw a post on that I knew I would have to blog about.  It reminds me that yes, I am going to hell in a very nice, pinterest inspired hand basket.

Yup, I am guilty of this.

After seeing this it got me thinking about all the less than wonderful things I have done in my life.  I really do try to be a good person.  I make my kids go to CCD (for those of you non Catholics that is religious education) although we rarely go to church (sorry Brother Sean).  I volunteer my time in various things.  I bring my 98 year old grandmother her medication and quarts of milk when my aunt isn't around to do it.  I have stood by my husband's side through various crap that most wives wouldn't.  And I am raising two little boys with having jumped off a cliff or thrown them over.

But let's be serious, I am far from perfect.  And that little gem of a Pinterest pin reminded me of it.  Yes, I have commented with my friends about another friend's really ugly kid.  Yes, I felt bad about it but honestly, it was the parents fault.  They really could have done things to help this poor kid out.  She probably could be really cute if they just did a little grooming, or waxing.  Ok, I am so going to hell.  But at least my friends will be there with me, oh and my mom, she was in on it too.

Then there is the foot spa incident.  I really had forgotten about that until my best friend's pain in the ass daughter reminded me about it, several times, in the last two weeks.  A few years ago when I was putting my bags in my car after a trip to Walmart I noticed a Foot Spa in a cart. This cart was in the middle of about fifty other carts all stacked up together.  It wasn't in a bag but it was still in the box, brand new.  I personally don't know why it was there but it had been there for a while, hence it being in the middle of fifty carts.  I pulled the carts apart and picked up the foot spa.  Clearly it was left there for me for my poor aching feet.  I am a waitress and lunch lady after all.  In the car it went. 

Add about another 40 carts to this and you will see why I truly believed this Spa had been there for a long time, waiting for me.

The friend I had with me on this shopping trip told me I was a bad person for doing this.  My best friend told me that karma was going to get me.  Then there was the troll, oops I mean other friend, no, I mean troll that told me that I did the right thing and it was finders keepers.  I should have listened to my best friend as she is the one that is always right.  I don't remember how karma did get me as it was a few years ago but I remember when it did she was there to remind me why.

I have still never used the damn thing, I feel too guilty.  My husband loves it though.

I have a whole list of other things that would probably send me to hell but I am afraid that my nephew who is a Catholic brother will disown me if he knew so I am going to leave you all hanging.  Plus, I have a redbox rental and a chicken patty sandwich calling my name right now.  The one comforting thing that I have is that you will all probably be right there with me (except Brother Sean that is).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 10 Reason I Love Summer Vacation!

Ok, I am back and as promised I have the follow up to the reasons I am ready for summer to be over.  I have made it through four fun filled weeks and have racked my brain trying to come up with this list.  I have had that whole positive thinking thing going on and I think for once it has actually worked.  So here we go, in no particular order as all these reasons are so fabulous I just couldn't possibly rank them.

10) CAMP
       Yes, the kiddies have started summer camp.  Whoever the genius was that created this wonderful thing has my everlasting love.  My kids go to the Rec Dept camp in my town so it is dirt cheap.  They play outside for six straight hours and come home exhausted.  I even dished out the cash for them to go for three weeks instead of two this year.  They are in their second week now and I have loved every second of it (they have too).  Plus, as an extra added bonus, the guy that runs it was my field hockey coach in High School and I loved the time my son came home amazed last year when Coach told him that I was a great athlete, thus sending me into thoughts of my "glory days" when I actually got off my ass and exercised.

      Ah, the beautiful Green Mountain State.  I am sure you are all thinking I am taking my family on a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  Ha, no not quite, it is even better.  My parents actually live there and seeing that they don't get to see their grand kids very much they are taking them for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!  It is my favorite part of the summer.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my kids, really I do, but do you really think I am going to pass up TWO WHOLE WEEKS without them? 

     Well, after reading numbers 9 and 10 you are probably wondering what I am doing with all my free time.  As sad as it is, I am cleaning.  I know that sounds sucky but seriously, I don't get the chance to do it the rest of the year.  My house is so clean and organized right now I don't know that to do with myself.  Oh wait, yes I do.  Now I have resorted to watching She-Ra on Netfilx while they are gone because damn it, I loved that 80's cartoon when I was a kid.

Cleaning before

Cleaning after 

Love this show!

    I have had the same best friend forever.  I love her dearly and I rarely get to see her during the school year.  We are just busy people.  Between the kids being in school all day and working two jobs and she lives a couple towns away I just can't make it happen as often as I would like.  But then comes summer.  Oh and did I mention she has a pool.  Oh and two sons that are about the same ages as my two sons.  There is nothing I enjoy more than heading over to her place for a fun filled day.  The kids are happy, we are happy, and I get to make fun of Justin Bieber in front of her 15 year old daughter.  It really is quite perfect.

Hanging at the pool.  See, Weight Watchers is really working for me.

6)  BBQ's
     See number 7.  This is what we do when the husbands are around too.  Men do love grilling meat products after all.

     It does kinda suck that I lose the lunch lady paycheck in the summer but it is hard to complain when I don't have to deal with 300 elementary school kids demanding their chicken nuggets on a daily basis.

    For some reason the chickens are super eggs layers in the summer.  I have more of the delicious things than I know what to do with.  I have been making egg salad, deviled eggs, quiche, and many other eggie delights.  My bff's family seems to be the ones reaping the benefits however since I always seem to bring them to her house as my family can only eat so much.

Yum, I made it all by myself (my kids hated it but my bff's family loved it)

     I know that most people want nice green lawns.  I usually do too but it has been so damn hot lately that the last thing I want to do it mow the lawn.  Thankfully the hot weather cause the grass to die.  Now I don't have to cut it.  Win Win situation there.

Yup, looks like my yard.

     I freaking love this show.  I pay for HBO for three months just so I can watch it every night in the summer.  Plus, it is all that is on TV in the summer.

Love me some Eric!

    I LOVE FLIP FLOPS.  It is all I wear in the summer.  I even painted my toenails for them.  IT pains me when the cold weather comes and I have to put them in my cold, dark closet. 

Happy Summer to all!