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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed??????

Saturday night at the waitress job we had a reservation for 30 people.  We had no idea what kind of a party it was going to be but we had all the tables set and ready.  Then they arrived.  Down the stairs trot what I honestly thought were "working girls" with six older women.  After they sat I went over to their server and asked if there was a hooker convention in town this weekend.  He informed me that it was in fact a Sweet Sixteen party.  My jaw dropped in total amazement.  These were sixteen years olds!!!!!!  And the women (who I am assuming were some of their mothers) let them go our in public that way!!!!!

I honesty tried to google pictures of what these girls looked like.   I couldn't find a match (I probably could have if I went to a porn site but I don't want any nasty computer viruses).  I looked up websites of popular clothing stores, again no luck in finding these clothes.  I came to the conclusion that they must have gotten them at the trashy Brazilian store down the street from me (granted I am not sure about that as I know an absolutely drop dead Brazilian girl with the body to pull it off but even she would never wear what these girls were wearing).  So you all are going to have to use you imaginations on what these girls looked like (Think Julia Roberts outfit in Pretty Woman only 100 times more trashy).

Back in the early nineties we rocked it like this
Maybe I am getting old but I just don't get it.  For starters, who is buying the kids these clothes.  If it is their mothers than they must really have a desire to become a grandparent at an early age.  And even if these kids bought their own clothes did their parents let them leave the house like that?  My parents would have locked me away til I was thirty for even thinking about it.  And who do they think they are attracting wearing things like that?  Super horny men who are looking for a wham bam thank you mam.  Because any decent guy wouldn't be bringing a slut home to   meet his mama.                                                                                         

See, you don't have to be trashy to hang with a Super Bowl Tight End!
 Maybe I am just getting old and this is the norm, but I have a hard time believing that.  My bff has three beautiful daughters age 15 to 20 and when I asked her she said that her girls never dressed like that.  I also work with a bunch of young (not 16, but 18-22ish) girls who are knockouts, heck one even hangs with Gronk, yet they aren't dressed like that.  Sure their clothes might be more revealing that what we wore as kids but they still are respectable.

Maybe I am just thinking back to my own youth, missing the fun I had as a teen.  Maybe I am being too judgmental.  Fuck it, no I am not.  I am now even more horrified of my boys growing up and being enticed by these walking sex pots.  I don't want to be a grandmother at 45.  I don't want my kids ending up with some STD.  I just want them to bring home a nice, sweet girl.  One who is comfortable in her own skin.  One who does not feel like she needs to use her body to succeed.  Screw it, I am locking them in their rooms until thirty (oh no, I have become my parents)!



  1. Like.

    I agree, my oldest son is 17, and I see what walks out of the high school at the end of the day. My now 8 yr old daughter is REALLY not going to like me when she's that age. I can't BELIEVE the crap they are allowed to wear TO SCHOOL! Don't they have a freakin' dress code? We did, I'd have been sent home for dressing like some of these girls.

  2. I so relate to this post! I have a picture of myself standing next my parents car on the day I got my drivers license. Long shorts, turtleneck, and white keds. And of course enough Aqua Net in my hair to supply the whole Jersey Shore Cast for a year. My daughters are definitely dressing different than I did, but I draw the line at Hoochie. We do 'Short shorts' inspections in the morning.Although, honestly, I have taken them shopping, and I think there is a denim shortage in the world,and the suppliers are trying to cut costs,because the shorts are getting tinier and tinier.There are no such thing as Daisy Dukes anymore, they are simply called 'SHORTS'.

    1. Oh I feel for you J.R. Thankfully I only have boys so I don't have to deal with teenage girls. Good luck to you! Oh and I keep Aqua Net in business when I was a teen!

  3. I am sweet handsome middle son will be the one who attracts these ho-bags while my younger cocky jackbag son steels them away and screws them over. I can see it coming a mile away...

    1. oh you poor thing. I feel for you though, I have two boys and I am dreading them becoming teenagers