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Monday, May 21, 2012

YA I know, I am a bad blogger

I know, I have been seriously MIA lately.  I would like to blame it on the fact the I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I am totally engrossed in it, but I am not, it is just some mediocre porn which I am trying to make my way through.  In all honesty I have been working way too much and am just to pissed off about too many things to pick a single one to write about.

So where had my life gone lately?  Good question.  As I said, I have been working way too much.  I have spent so much time at Gillette Stadium in the last few weeks that I am pulling my hair out.  Throw in the fact the the Celtics are in the playoffs and I work at a sports bar and it equals pure hell.  Not to mention there have been quite a few NE Revolution home games lately and soccer fans drive me to drink.

Also been working at the school on lunch lady patrol as always but I am not even going to go there.  Ok, yes I am.  The powers that be keep sending us a substitute lunch lady that I can't deal with.  She obviously has never heard of deodorant and has a Hitler complex and thinks she owns the place.  Between the smell and the attitude, I might just snap.  On a brighter note about lunch ladies, or school cafes in general actually, check out this blog I read about tonight.  NeverSeconds, is a a cute blog written by a little girl in Scotland about here daily experiences in the cafe.  I just love it, she is a very bright kids and has gone viral.  Good for her.

It is also yard work season.  I fucking hate yard work.  Plus my husband has enlarged the garden to grow more crap that we won't eat.  Well, that is all him cause I am out of the gardening scene this year.  I really don't care whether or not I get my tomatoes from the produce dept at Market Basket or my back yard.  They all taste the same.  The back yard is also a mess and my husband keeps letting the chickens out to roam.  The damn things crap all over the yard and dig into my flower beds.  If they keep it up they are going to find themselves in a pot on my stove.

Honestly, that is all I got.  Nothing too exciting I know.  I really could go on a tangent about some other crap but I will stay "confidential" about that.  Don't want to piss off the wrong people.


  1. Man I hope the female version of me feels better soon. On a side note, are you using chickens for eggs or soup?

    1. HAHA thanks Kevin, you always brighten my day. And egg at the moment, however if the suckers keep screwing with me they will be soup.

    2. I try my best...but I may not have brightened your day...I tagged you in a silly 11 Questions Game on my blog...I was forced to I tell you!

  2. Glad you're back, even for just a bit :) Brighten up :)

  3. Hope your days get brighter and that everything will be swell in Lunch Lady Land. ;) Sloppy Joe, slop, sloppy joe... ;)

  4. Good to see you're back... I know the feeling, I've been slacking lately too...too much to write about and not enough time.

    Hope you don't mind - I tagged you on my blog for an 11 Question blogger ice breaker.

  5. I like gardening but the rest of the crap is left to those in my home who have a penis attached. Sry fellas, luck of the draw. :) Welcome back. :)

  6. People keep recommending Fifty Shades of Grey to me, but I can't help thinking it couldn't possibly be as good as some of the kinky erotica I've read online at fanfiction sites.