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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventures in Dieting

It is that time of the year again.  The time I decide to make my life a living hell by going back on Weight Watchers.  Why Weight Watchers you ask?  Because of all the diets I have found Weight Watchers is the only one that lets my have good desserts.  South Beach is sometimes my other choice but they only let you have sugar free ice cream or jello and they both suck.

Well this year I decided to team up with two of my fellow lunch ladies.  It is much easier to stay on track with friends.  We are equally miserable all day as we watch the kids eat their pizza and chicken patties as we eat our lettuce and mustard sandwiches.  Ok, really it is not that bad at the school as most of the food we serve isn't that tempting anyways.

My other job is a different story.  Do you know how hard it is to waitress at a restaurant that serves pretty delicious food that you can't eat?  I can honestly say that there isn't a single thing on the menu that isn't more points then the entire amount I am allotted for the day.  Not to mention that all the girls I work with are super skinny and eat whatever they want, bitches!!!  The other night the kitchen guys fucked up an order of nachos (or the server rang it in wrong which is what the chef would say cause he's super fucking cranky these days).  It was a nacho free for all for the staff, as I watched eating an apple.  Fantastic!!

Then the other day my dear friend Margaret asked my how much weight I wanted to lose.  I am going with a different goal this time around.  Rather than saying 75 pounds which is just damn scary, I am going for ten pounds.  Then when I hit ten pounds I will go for another ten pounds.   After the first week I lost eight pounds.  Pretty damn spectacular if you ask me.  Now I only need two more pounds to get to goal, then I will go for another ten.

One of the things that really sucks about dieting though is that I still have to feed my family.  I am not subjecting my family to points and it is too damn expensive to cook a Weight Watchers dinner for one person, let alone four.  So now I am finding myself cooking two meal every night, one for them and one for me (ok, who am I kidding, I make them dinner and then throw a premade frozen meal in the microwave for me).  It's not like I am busy or anything, why not make a little more work for myself. 

The other thing that sucks is the money I am spending.  I dropped two hundred bucks at the Market Basket the other day.  And that is the cheap grocery store.  Healthy food is damn expensive.  Plus, I am a points hoarder, I eat very little during the day so I can have dessert at the end of the night.  I am a sucker for the Frozen Novelties that Weight Watchers makes, you know the ones I mean, the ones that are six bucks a box and have about four ice cream bars in them.  They are so delicious though, they are the only thing that keeps me sane.

Then husband almost lost a hand the other day.  We were laying in bed and I had a bowl of popcorn that I had measured out so I had exactly one point worth.  So what does he do, reaches his hand in and grabs a giant handful.  After yelling at him for five minutes he finally asked what the big deal was.  I told him if he wanted popcorn I would make him some, but this was mine and was portioned out.  What do I get for a reply "But I only want a little".  Too bad, a little to you is a lot to me so hands off!

Next step is exercising.  I hate exercising.  I have no time to go to the gym so I am hoping to buy an elliptical machine with my tax refund (I better get one, but seeing that the hubby doesn't have his W2 yet I have no idea).  I swear I will use it for more than a clothes rack, really I will.  And if it means I get more desserts I will be on that sucker every day.

So wish me luck.  It is a hard road but at the moment I am totally motivated.  I am going to be like Jennifer Hudson and keep it off, not like Oprah and put it back on.  Really, I mean it.......this time.


  1. I am dieting too. But I am just counting calories on Bryon has been doing Atkins and even though we are on two separate diet plans, it seems to work (mostly because I will eat a low carb dinner. I don't care) In the past I would diet and he wouldn't. Then we went low carb but I got sick (unrelated) and didn't want to go back on.

  2. I'm trying to diet too...but I'm having a HELL of a time fitting in any exercise and I SO hate being sweaty. Have you ever tried ? That's what I use and it works great and it's FREE. You just have to make sure you turn off most the notifications or you'll get an email every two seconds. Best of luck to you. I don't think I've lost any weight yet...but I'm trying.

  3. I have been doing WW for the last year too. I have lost 44 lbs so far by doing the small goal setting, it really does help. I have some good WW recipes that my kids eat too like the meatloaf etc, they love. If you want to swap meal ideas at any time send me a msg.....oh and good luck!

  4. Thanks everybody for the support, good luck to you all as well. Weight Watcher is free for me this time around as I have all the materials I need to do it and am not attending the meeting this time around (who has the time). And Jen, give me a couple of weeks to get on track and I will take you up on the meal swaps!

  5. That is AWESOME!! Not the popcorn eating husband part, but the buying equipment part... we used part of our tax refund last year for a bowflex... best decision EVER!! You might not think so, but it get addicting!! Good Luck!!