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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dogs in the grocery store!!!!

Ok, so this blog is going to become addicting if I can now go and write about everything that annoys me, thus causing me to neglect my children while I type away (kids are in Vermont this week so I guess it's ok today).  So I had to run into my local Shaws.  As I walk in a little dog comes running over and starts sniffing my leg (maybe he can smell my chickens???)  I nearly step on the tiny thing as I try to walk away and it just follows along still sniffing until some ladies comes and grabs him and looks at me with a smile and a laugh.  I shot her a dirty look while supressing my urge to say "Really lady, this is a grocery store, why the heck is your dog here?"

 Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with dogs, I actual really like them most of them time.  I just don't understand when it became acceptable to bring one into the grocery store, or a restaurant (yes, I have seen that), or on an airplane in a seat rather than in a crate in cargo (ok I haven't actually seen that but I do know somebody who bought a seat AT FULL PRICE for their dog on a plane, boy would I be ticked if I had paid good money for a ticket and had to sit next to a dog and have it shed all over my nice travel clothes).  I mean really, I don't want to be picking dog hair off my apples when I get home (ok who am I kidding you all know me, off my Mountain Dew and Doritos).

And what about the people with allergies.  My best friend is allergic to everything, should she have to be subjected to an allergy attack to buy her kids some milk and apples (and yes, she would be buying apples, and milk, but probably Mountain Dew and Doritos for when I come over to visit).  I really just don't get it.


  1. Always wondered about pets on planes w/ allergies - after all they go all crazy if one one has a nut allergy! Next trip I am claiming I am allergic to strangers and requesting everyone on the plane except the pilots get off.....

  2. I don't get why it is allowed in the first place. What happens if it has to go to the bathroom. I don't know any dogs that are potty trained.