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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year In Review

Well we are just hours from 2012 so I thought it would be nice to do a year in review.  It has been a pretty decent year, so ups and a few downs, but hey that's life.
 So where to start?

The boys turned six and nine this year and they both got Bows for their birthdays.  The little on now has a Compound Bow and the older a Long Bow.  Yes, we are those kinds of parents.  We watch Kill It Cook It Eat It with the boys and are getting them ready to go hunting with dad.  The little one also got a BB Gun for Christmas, but we figured that since his best friends name is Ralphie it had to be done cause as everybody knows "you'll shoot your eye out kid".

I again have the best parents in the world.  They took the boys to Wyoming over the summer to a dude ranch where they rode horses, played cowboys and shot real rifles.  They had a freaking blast, well except for that the older one got Scarlet Fever (yes, seriously, who get Scarlet Fever except my kid?) before they trip and had to take and antibiotic which it turns out he was allergic to and caused a full body rash while in Wyoming.  That was fantastic for my folks to deal with.  The folks also helped us totally gut our 100 year old house and make it more livable.  Yes truly love them more than I can say.

So we lost our tenants but it was no big loss cause we gained a much better one!  He is the best and I hope he stays for ever and ever and ever and ever.

Not only do I have the best parents in the world but also a BFF that is truly a gift from God!!!!!  Everybody should be as lucky as me.  She is there when I need her and can always make me laugh, even if she thinks I am secretly a spy.  Plus, did I mention she has a pool?

I also have a cousin who is like a sister to me, since I never had an actual sister it really is great, even if our kids like to cause each other bodily harm.    
                                                                                                                                                               And I can't leave out my husband.  He is the best (most of the time).  We celebrated out 12th wedding anniversary this year.  We haven't killed each other yet and we have managed to raise to somewhat stable children. 

So here's so 2012 a great year it will be!!!!                                                                                   

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