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Friday, December 30, 2011

I worked all day and I can come up with nothing that pissed me off, really?

So I was supposed to work a double today.  Supposed to being the key here.  I lucked out and had an offer to work my night shift tonight.  I am siked but I really think she only agreed to do it some I would go home and write a blog about her, so whatever, love you Bryn and that crazy man of yours too.  Got to cuddle on the couch and catch up on Doctor Who with my hubby.

I had a nice visit from my aunt and cousin and made to serious money.  What the hell, I was there for 6 hours and I really can find nothing to complain about.  Well, other than the fact that my feet hurt, but oh well, they have all week so that's nothing new.  But then again when I got home my husband was so kind to point out that the extra weight on me could be the cause of my foot pain.  Awe, thanks honey, I preferred when you felt bad for me the other day and set up the foot spa when I got home.  And he'll be regretting these words when I go to Market Basket Sunday and bring home nothing but veggies, no steak and no potatoes, haha take that Irishman!

Ya, it really was a decent day, the hostess was even wearing underwear for once, or so she says.  But she is from Tough Town so chances are she wasn't, AGAIN!

Well, I have to work again tomorrow so maybe then I will have a good story for you all, if not, guess that all the better for me.  And I go back to lunch lady land next week I am sure I will have lots of stories then.


  1. Lunch lady land is better than being toll booth willy.... Just sayin :)

  2. lol yes Lisa, you have a point there.