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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gift Cards

Ok, so after working ALOT in the last few days I must say that there are so many things that totally pissed me off.  But let's go with the Gift Card Redeemers.   So happy you got a gift card for Christmas, even happier you decided to come and use it when I was working.  Just a little hint.  When your check is $100 and your gift card is for $50 you are supposed to tip on the amount BEFORE the gift card is taken off!!!!  Seriously, did I serve you $50 less food and drink, NO!!!!  Hell, you got half your bill paid for by somebody else, bonus for you, how about bonus for me too!!!!!  It is like the people who have coupons, the coupons clearly always say you are supposed to tip on the amount pre discount.  Is it that you can't read, or maybe that you don't care about my two kids freezing at home because I can't afford to turn my thermostat over 62. 

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