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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What, it's 2012?? Am I missing something here???

So as I woke up this morning all the news stations were recapping the big ole ball dropping in NYC.  It wasn't really much of a recap for me as it was a first time viewing because face it, I am old as dirt and after the work week I had I was snoozing well before then.  It was after the 7th or 8th viewing that it hit me, holy crap it is 2012.  How the hell could that be.  Wasn't it just last year that we were all singing "Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999"?  Has it really been 12 years sinceY2K and all the excitement that went along with it?  Now here we are in 2012, the year of the end of the Mayan calender, end of life as we know it and all that crap, or just another big farce like Y2K.

I can remember New Years Eve of 1999 quite well (it really does seem like yesterday).  Myself and my "new" husband (we hadn't even been married for 6 months) decided to spend the night with my cousin and her husband at their house.  There was no way we were heading to a bar that night, what if the clock stuck midnight and the whole world exploded.  At least we would be with family.  That day I went to the bank and withdrew a load of cash like the media told us we should do "just in case" (I actually had money then, it was pre house, pre kids and I actually had a real job, one that never required me to say the phrase "Can I start you off with something to drink tonight").  The I made sure I was stockpiled with bottled water and canned food, because again, that's what the media said to do.  Finally we headed out for our night.

We had a good time, my cousin's husband ordered and obscene amount of food from Chinatown, and by obscene I mean enough to feed a small army, much more than 4 people ever could eat.  And we had cocktails and laughed and talked, played some games, all the normal stuff.  Then it was time, the ball was getting ready to drop, we counted down, then BAMM it was midnight 2000 and nothing happened, not a damn thing.  So we went to bed, and the next day everything was still normal.

And here we are now, 12 years later, in the verge of another "apocalypse".  So much has happened, the hubby and I bought a house, we had two kids, my bff got married, my cousin got divorced (which isn't always a bad thing as I feel this will be the year the right one comes along), my parents jumped ship and moved up north, my grandfather died, my niece was born.  I lost 50 pounds, then I gained 50 pounds, then I lost 50 pounds, then I gained 50 pounds (this year we are gonna go for the loss part again).   I laughed a lot, I cried even more I just can't believe how fast it flew by.  I just hope in 2024 I will have just as much to look back on and God willing not be a grandmother yet.


  1. You'd better teach the boys my motto: No sex before monogamy!

    Time sure does fly. I remember that night so clearly. I never thought I'd be divorced 12 years later but maybe you are right...this will be the year!

    Love ya.

  2. My boys will not have sex until marriage thank you very much!!!! Love you too