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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extreme Stupidity!!!!

While putting away laundry the other day I was looking for something to watch on television.  Seeing that it was the middle of the day there wasn't much to choose from I ended up on Extreme Couponing.  If you haven't seen this joke of a reality show then you are lucky.  It profiles people across the country who spend their lives hoarding and stealing.  It really is actually quite sad how ridiculous these people lives are.  I have seen this show a few times and usually end up shutting off because these people just make me sick.

These people spend hours upon hours trying to get all their food and toiletries for free.  Now don't get me wrong, I like free stuff, I even use coupons on occasion.  I must say though that it never once crossed my mind to send my young children dumpster diving to find coupons people threw away, I mean really, who does that?  Crazy people, that's who.  There was one woman who was driving around having her kids steal newspapers off people doorsteps.  Does nobody that works with DSS watch these shows, or ever heard about them?  These parents deserve to have their children taken away, right before they are tossed in the looney bin that is.

I think my favorite was the guy that had 300 years of deodorant in his garage that he got for free.  What is he going to do with that.  Is he an overly stinky man?  No, he just was able to use enough coupons to get it all free so why not, right?  Wrong.  All that he is doing is causing prices for the rest of use to rise as grocery stores are losing money because of this crap.

Then there is the woman who spends 60 hours a week couponing.  She has 5 computers and 5 printers to print up all the coupons that she PURCHASED.  She said each site only lets her print 3 of each coupon so that is how she gets around it.  Sweet, you scored $500 worth of groceries for free but spent $2000 on computers and printers, not to mention paper and ink (ink is damn expensive).  But the best part is that she paid for these coupons.  Who the hell pays for coupons?  Crazy people, that's who.  And how are you saving money on this.  Sure you got you groceries free, but you spent a fortune to do that.

Then we get to see the stockpiles.  They have garages stacked full of cereal, pasta, soda, Gatorade, candy, toothpaste, deodorant and ramen noodles.  These are the only things it seems that Extreme Couponers can score for free so that is what they have.  Their diet consists of nothing that's good for you.  When was the last time you saw a coupon for fruits, veggies or meat?  And if they don't have a coupon they don't get it.  They love to brag about how they are ready for an apocalypse, how all their food will keep them going for years.  Well, I hate to tell them but since they went public on TLC there are lots of gun toting Americans out there who know where they live.  That stockpile will be gone in no time.

Now what about the people that work in the grocery store?  If I was a cashier and I saw somebody walking toward me with their stupid pink binder full of coupons I think I would quit.  Most of these people make minimum wage which is certainly not enough to pay for that bullshit.  And what about the other shoppers.  These couponers clean the shelves of anything on sale, leaving nothing for anybody else.  Why, all so that these people can look at their receipts and see "You saved 99 percent today".  Who the hell keeps track of that crap anyways.  They probably takes their receipts and post them online to show all their "friends" what a great job they are doing saving their husbands money (cause we all know none of these women work, their jobs in life is steal and hoard and ruin their children).


  1. That show is nothing compared to the show Extreme Cheapskates (TLC) !!!! These people reuse TP, take food from other diners plates for doggy bags, dumpster dive for gifts and even cut up grass clippings to make salads for their families (just push aside the dog poop and cat pee I guess) ! One family uses face clothes to wipe their tooshes with and reuses them AND expect visitors in their home to do the same! (gagging) You must watch - it beats extreme couponing by a mile!

  2. Oh goodness, I am gonna have to check it out. Thanks Lisa

  3. I watched a few minutes of that show once and that was enough for me. There are some disturbed people out there..