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Monday, January 16, 2012


I am obsessed with shows about Storage Auctions.  Auction Hunters, Storage Hunters, Storage Wars, I watch them all (except for Storage Wars Texas, those hicks are so annoying I can't deal but it's Texas, I shouldn't be surprised).  I have been bugging my husband for months that we should check out one of these auctions in our area.  Tonight I decided to google storage auctions and was shocked at just how many of these things there are out there.  Just in January there are 60 in Massachusetts, and two of them are in my town, this week!!!!

So I showed the hubby the list and told him about Thursday and he just shock his head and said "We are NOT going."  Well that is not the answer I was looking for.  This could be a new career for us, right?  These guys on tv are making big bucks everyday.  Or so they lead us to believe.

I have always wondered why people who don't pay for their storage units leave big money stuff in them.  I mean really, if you are that hard up for money would you really leave priceless treasures sitting around to be auctioned off when you don't pay your bill.  I would think that you would go take anything of value out when you are going to miss a payment.  Wouldn't that make more sense then letting some stranger go and bid $100 for you prized Picasso?

My husband always like to point out that when the winners are going through the units they just start throwing out numbers for what they THINK they can get for each thing.  Most of the time I think these numbers are a bit high.  I am who is really going to pay $200 for a used pair of Air Jordans?  Many of the people on these shows own second hand stores.  I don't know about you but when I go to a second hand store to buy something, I don't expect to pay retail.  So maybe I shouldn't think I can score a jackpot.

Then my husband always like to point out another important thing.  Who the hell am I going to sell the crap to.  I don't own a thrift store, and all the thrift stores that I know only take donations, they don't pay for the crap they sell.  There is Craig's List but after the Craig's List Killer thing I think I will pass.  I guess there is Ebay, maybe I can twist the BFF's arm into working for me too, not just her husband.  If I promise to split the proceeds with her I am sure she would be willing to give up some of the very limited time she has to do it.  We are talking big bucks after all, right?

Well, maybe I will call in sick on Thursday so I can go start the new career.  I will empty out my bank account (that is not hard to do) and bring my cash down to Extra Space Storage and think up a catchy phrase for when I bid (I like the guy on Storage Hunters who just yells "money" whenever he is bidding).  I mean this is Tough Town after all, there should be a quality meth lab in one of those units or maybe some unused food stamps.  So who is in with me, since the hubby won't come a need a partner.  Anyone..anyone..anyone????


  1. Me too! I love this auction crap and have had the same discussion here ! Ya know, screw them Heather, let's you and I go together! Big money in small spaces....

  2. yeah!!!!! it would be so much fun. I just want to really see what they are like.