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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ok, it took me a while but I am finally in Patriots mode.  I always loved the Pats but after years of working at the stadium my love affair with them faded, a lot.  I don't know if it was the traffic, the parking, the traffic, the drunks, the traffic or maybe it was the traffic, but I was always annoyed whenever game day rolled around.  Thankfully for me most of the games are on Sundays and since that is family day I managed to avoid working most of the worst of it.  I did work two games this year (yeah thanks NFL for scheduling a home game on Christmas Eve, my kids loved that one) but with only one more home game this year (on a Sunday!!!) I know I am in the clear.

However, I still have to deal with Raven's fans tonight coming into town to get crushed.  They started rolling in last night and they were seriously just laughable.  But that is ok because since I am sarcastic by nature I actually get to show that side with the out of towners and make fun of them since they are on our turf, for the biggest game of the season.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the guy with the purple pimp hat on and the velvet Raven's jacket last night.  He actually was a good sport even though he looked ridiculous.  It was his mate that was a bit odd.  That is a Tom Brady Voodoo doll she is hanging there.  Oh I can't wait to see what tonight brings in.

I think what really put me in the spirit last night was the Gronk contest.  Watching a bunch of grown men (and a couple of ladies) doing crazy things to spike the ball like Gronk was priceless.   But hey, tickets to the game for the winner will make people do just about anything, such as stripping down to almost nothing in the freezing cold to try to impress the judges.  Too bad that he was more impressive with the clothes on so he didn't fair to well.  But there are now going to be four happy people sitting at Gillette tomorrow night thanks to their ability to Gronk.

But then again maybe my game spirit came from Pat himself.  How can you not love it when a guy with a giant head is running around your place of employment making everybody laugh and signing autographs (Plus he had a really nice ass).  He brought a couple of the cheerleaders with him and there are many little (and big) boys going to show and tell next week with picture to make their friends jealous.  (Just a note, those aren't cheerleader with him, but they are just as beautiful and every bit as fantastic).

It also could Wes Welker that put me in the spirit.  I was watching the news this morning and saw a story about how he gave a pair of tickets to the game to an Iraq War Veteran.  That makes him a class act in my book, regardless of how he plays (which is usually fantastic).

But I think above all it is the teams dedication of the season to Myra Kraft that put my over the edge.  I met Myra on a couple of occasions and she really was a wonderful woman.  She always had a smile and always remembered my name, even though I was just a waitress.  She did so many things for some many people and the team truly loved her.  I know that they will win it for her tomorrow so how can that not make a person happy. 

So to all my fellow New Englander's out there, LET'S GO PATS!!!!!

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