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Monday, January 9, 2012

What the hell are these kids doing to me!!!!!!!!

Today my six year old son came home with the phone numbers of two girls.  Why is my sweet innocent boy coming home with girl's phone numbers?  Don't I have at least another five years before that happens?  Do I have to worry about girlfriends at such a young age, or are these just girls that are friends?  I know both of these little vixen's and let me tell you, they are cute.  With their little Uggs and feather's in their hair, they are going to grow up to be lookers.  But the main thing is grow up to be!!!

I asked my boy what he was going to do with these numbers and he said "I don't know, they gave them to me so I took them."  HAHA already a typical man.  Maybe I'll call, maybe I won't.  When he was out sick one day a few weeks ago I went into the cafe at school to say hi to the kids.  I had four girls ask me when he was coming back.  When I told them probably the next day they were all giggly and happy.  One of them told me she thought he was cute.  What!!!!!!!  He is six, girls are not supposed to be saying that to me.  Boys are supposed to be yucky when you are six!!!! 

My husband thinks this is a riot. He also got a kick out of what I realized about our nine year old boy today.

My oldest boy has been spending an awful lot of time alone in his room lately.  Now this is a boy who up until a few days ago thought about nothing but playing on his Wii whenever possible.  The last few day, nope, he just wants to hang out alone in his room and watch tv.  I didn't think much of it until I called him upstairs to see if he wanted to play Wii with me and his brother.  I got a shout from downstairs of "No, I am busy".  About 15 minutes later the little guy and are were about 5 innings into Mario baseball when my oldest comes up the stairs, out of breath and with a red face.  I asked him what he had been doing and he said watching tv.  Watching tv my ass!  You do not get out of breath and flushed from watching tv.  I went in and told my husband about it and he just gave me "the look".  Yes, the look that says "you know damn well what he was doing, he found a new hobby".  He is nine, do they really start that young?  I am so horrified.  I remember freaking out the first time that he was "saluting" me when I changed his diaper, but this is a million times worse.  I told my husband he needs to have a talk with him but he thinks it isn't necessary as it looks like the big guy managed to figure it all on his own (like every other little boy my husband assures me).

I think I am going to have a nervous breakdown now.  My boys can not be growing up!!!!!  I refuse to have to believe my sweet babies are going to someday be horny men.  Not on my watch they won't!!!!!!


  1. Never interfere with the sexual tendencies of your youngsters or you risk them becoming 30 and living at home with you like some other grown men we know. Still, I would say they're definitely ahead of the curve. But men know best, trust the hubby here.

  2. Aw Bryan, leave Bradford alone ;) Though you were talking about Adam for a minute but he just moved out, right?

  3. I thought 9 was young but everything starts earlier these days.

    As for Johnny, he'll be fine. It is completely normal for 1st graders to have crushes. Give it sometime. By next year they won't want to have anything to do with one another.