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Monday, January 23, 2012

What my boys have taught me.

I have been a wife for 12 years and a mother for 9.  It never fails to amaze me just how different the opposite sex is from us ladies.  Most of the time I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the daily antics of these three, but one this is for sure, they always have a way of surprising me (and usually not in a good way).

1) When it gets cold out their testicles just disappear.
     I remember the first cold morning that I had to change my oldest's diaper.  As I was whipping away the barrage of poop that he had deposited I freaked out because their was something missing.  Where the hell did his balls go?  I was in such a panic I called my husband in.  I was just sure that we were going to be rushing the little one to the ER.  I had no idea what I had done wrong and what the hell I was going to say to the doctor.  I was going through it in my head "No Doctor, they were there last night when I put him to bed.  No, I didn't intentionally "break" my son."  I was sure that DSS was going to be called.  Well, after my husband stopped laughing he assured me that it was normal.  They just went back inside to keep warm.  WTF!!!!  retractable body parts, who'd have though?

2)They have NO idea what a laundry basket is.
    I spend way too much time doing laundry.  Unfortunately much of that time is running around collecting all the crap that needs to be washed.  Both my kids love to leave clothes (especially socks) scattered all around the house.  My husband is the worst though.  We have a laundry basket in our bedroom.  It is on his side of the bed.  When he gets undressed at night all he has to do is plop them right in.  Easy, right?  WRONG!!!  Every single morning I am picking clothes off the ground NEXT to the laundry basket.  What the hell is so hard about putting them IN the basket. 

3) Better out than in
   After watching Shrek all of my guys adopted this motto.  Any type of gross bodily function they can come up with is funny to them.  They always try to outdo each other.  There is only so much farting that one mother can take.  At least my husband doesn't do it in public.  The kids on the other hand, think it is the funniest thing ever to let one rip in front of my 97 year old grandmother.  Thankfully she usually can't hear them (she is 97 and her hearing is not what it used to be) but I can see her make a face when she can smell them.  Not cool boys.  My oldest did learn his lesson about breaking wind in school.  Thirds graders like to give kids nicknames.  "Stinkbomb" is not the nickname you want, and his kid brother will never let him live that down.

4)When mommy is in the shower it is the perfect time to bother her.
    Is it so much to ask for 10 minutes of a day to myself?  Obviously to my guys it is.  It never fails that as soon as I get in the shower somebody wants something, is looking for something or has a question about something.  My youngest is always the same.  "Mommy can I have a snack?"  EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!  Is he really going to starve to death in 10 minutes?  I think not.  Or my husband will come in with wonderful questions such as "Did you DVR that show I asked you to?"  Yes, because that just can't wait.  Or the worst is my oldest son who always feels the need to come and use the toilet while I am showering.  Oh I hate that.  I have two bathrooms, use the other for goodness sake!!!!  Do you have no humility?  Then he flushes, thus giving me a burst of burning hot water. 

5)Aim is obviously an inherited trait.
   My husband has no aim when using the bathroom.  This is a trait he passed onto his sons.  Thanks dear.  I like to think if I had a penis I would have no problem aiming it into the big hole in the seat (or aiming into the right hole in other situations as well, wink wink).  Nope, they hit the rim. the floor, the tank, anywhere except the bowl.  I use more toilet paper cleaning off the seat then for any other reason.  Yet outside they have no problem peeing an exact square around the chicken coop (yes, the hubby taught the kids this because it supposedly keeps away raccoons), or spelling out their names in the snow (ok this they have never done, that I am aware of, but I bet they could do it.)  Is there a place I can sent them that give lessons on aim, if so I am willing to pay ANYTHING!

6) Saluting starts at a very young age
     Who would have thought that a one week old boy could salute you when changing his diaper.  Sure, my husband salutes EVERY morning, but a newborn?  Very very creepy.  I am telling you, I need to get me one of those things to learn all the things they can do, because obviously as a woman I am missing out.

But all kidding aside, above all the biggest thing that my guys have taught me is true, unconditional love.  I am so lucky to have the three of them.  I would do anything for them without a second thought.


  1. Visiting from People I Want to Punch. As a mother to a 15-month old boy, I can't tell you how funny I found this post. I probably should bookmark it and re-read it every year. =)

  2. I came to your blog from "People I want to Punch in the Throat". This post is hilarious!! I have three children - my last was a boy. And how different he is than the girls. (although they ALL bother me while I am in the shower....). I am glad I stopped by!

    Take care,

  3. Saw your blog from "People I want to Punch in the Throat". It looks like you've been working on it your story was great. Good luck.

  4. Saw your blog on punch in the throat. Hilarious! Same problem with my little guy and the toilet!

  5. Came here, same as the above commenters. Giving everyone a chance, though I'm not a parent. Some of the family related blogs go right over my head, but I really enjoyed your posts, just like PIWTPITT. Keep it up! :)

  6. Thanks everybody for the great feedback. Life is an adventure and I love sharing it and giving everybody a laugh. I hope I don't let you down. I can't wait til the kiddies go to bed so I can check out everybody else's blogs!

  7. Also came from People I Want to Punch and love your blog! Number 2 and 5 fits our happy home to a T. Great job! I can't wait to read on!

  8. Love this and I can relate! I also have three sons, I have a daughter too. I'll add you to my links too. Here's my shameless plug too :) Thanks for ponting me in your direction.

    1. lol, I believe I have already headed over to your blog and followed, but I will double check.

  9. Also from People I want to punch in the throat blog, love you style of writing very funny, I can relate to nearly all of the points!

  10. I have a daughter, no sons - but a few nephews. Kudos!! I cannot imagine living with the day-to-day "boy stuff" ... but the unconditional love is truly wonderful. <3

    [found you from PIWTPITT]

    1. Thanks, and it is interesting to be a woman in a house full of boys!